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NIKKO PASS all area by NTA

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  • Lake Kawaguchi

NIKKO PASS all area by NTA

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NTA Good Point !

* Enjoy a variety of attractions in a wide area, from World Heritage shrines and temples, to Lake Chuzenji and the Okunikko area, to Kinugawa Onsen. < Pass Privileges >
* Present the discount pass to get discounts on tourist facilities and rides, souvenirs, and food and beverages.
* For Limited Express SPACIA & compartment room, please go to here for reservation.

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Basic Itinerary

< Available Section>
Asakusa ~ Tobu Nikko and Shin-fujiwara
*Stop over free section : Shimo-imaichi ⇔Tobu Nikko & Shin-fujiwara
*Only 1 round trip train ride is allowed between Asakusa & Shimo-imaichi Station. You can stop over Tokyo Skytree or Tochigi.
*You cannot ride on the limited express train by only this pass. Please refer to the link in 'NTA Good Point' and make reservation there.

■Tobu Bus Nikko
① JR Nikko station ~ Tobu Nikko station ~ Chuzenji ~Yumoto onsen/ Kotoku onsen
② Chuzenji onsen ~ Tachiki Kannon Mae ~ Hangetu-san ( only season )
③ Chuzenji onsen ~ Tachiki Kannon Mae ~ Utagahama Yuransen Hachakujo ( only winter )
④ JR Nikko station ~ Tobu Nikko station ~ Ozasa Bokujo ( change Kirifuri No Taki in winter )
⑤ JR Nikko station ~ Tobu Nikko station ~ Yashiono Yu / Oku-hosoo
⑥ JR Nikko station ~ Tobu Nikko station ~ Nishisando ~ Hotel Seikoen ~ Tobu Nikko station (Round World Heritage Bus )
* Stop over free

■Chuzenjiko Cruise
① Funeno Eki Chuzenji ~ Shoubugahama ~ Tchikikannonmae ~ Funeno Eki Chuzenji
② Funeno Eki Chuzenji ~ Shoubugahama ~ Senjugahama

■Akechidaira Rope Way

■Edomura Round Root

■Low Emission Bus

<Available Period >
4 Days (3 nights and 4days)


4 persons compartment room
  • Weekdays (+96.71)
  • Weekend and Holidays (+115.42)



Departure Note

2018-07-01 〜 2019-09-30   Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday

Terms & Conditions

the date you started to use the ticket.


Price Term
A ... 20 April to 30 November JPY 4,520 / JPY 1,150 ( Adult / Child per person )
B ... 1 December to 19 April JPY 4,150 / JPY 1,040 ( Adult / Child per person )
* Including Free pass ( available periode 4 day ).
* Valid for one round trip on the railway between Asakusa and Shimo-imaichi Station, and the unlimited train and bus ride zones.
* Board any 2A, 2B, 2C or 2D bus departing from or arriving at the Tobu Nikkō Station bus terminal.
* Entrance fees to "Nikko shrines and temples" are not included.
* A separate ticket for a limited express train is required to take an express train.
* Only 1 round trip train ride is allowed between Asakusa and Shimoimaichi Station
(you can get off on the way, at Tokyo Skytree Station or Tochigi Station).
* Common Admission Tickets for Shrines and Temples in Nikko are not included.
* JR express trains of inter-connected through service are not included.
* Passengers taking Steam Locomotive"Taiju" need to purchase a reserved seat ticket.
* We need the printed the confirmation e-mail. Would you print out the confirmation e-mail.
* Please exchange the printed confirmation e-mail for the original pass ticket at TOBU Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA .
* We don’t accept seat reservations. Please make your reservations by yourself at an operating bus company’s ticket counter.
* You have to use those tickets within the effective date of 4-Day Pass. For example,if the effective date of your 4-Day Pass is from Apr.1 to Apr.4 ,then you have to use it during the period.
* It is for free, if the infant won’t take a seat. We don’t have infant fee rate.
* No refunds are provided once you have received the original ticket, regardless of train or bus suspension, delays, or lack of available seats.
* After the purchase, if you want to refund the pass before you start to the tour , Please consult about the detail of refund with your agent.
* After the date of the tour, We cannot refund the pass, regardless of train or bus suspension, delays, or any reason.
Purchase condition
* Restricted to holders of non-Japanese passport
Usage condition
* Valid for 4 consecutive days from the date you started to use the ticket.

Exchange Place

TOBU Tourist Information Center ASAKUSA

Limited express train timetable (Check Train with Afternoon discounts, night discounts )






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